Why you have Window Condensation

Window condensation happens when cold and hot temperatures come together in an environment. For instance, if it is cold outside, but inside your home is warm; then condensation will begin to form on your windows. This is common for windows located in areas where temperatures increase. Bathrooms and kitchens are common places for condensation. In this article we will explain why you have window condensation and what you can do about it.

window condensation happens when hot and cold meet

Why is there so much condensation on my windows?

Today most homes are energy efficient. Meaning they are designed to keep the cold out and the warm in. This is great for saving money and energy, but not so good when it comes to windows. Because once again, moisture in the air causes condensation. And too much moisture can be huge problem.

Is window condensation bad for health?

Mold spores grow from dampness and condensation. The more condensation you have on your windows, the bigger the problem. Moisture spots on your ceiling or walls, peeled paint, and other exterior issues are great indicators that you will need to fix your condensation problems.

How do you fix condensation on windows?

In the summer your house absorbs moisture. In the winter, when you begin heating your home, condensation occurs. However, this can be fixed. You can air out your home, by cracking open a window or door. Or, you can open drapes and allow air to circulate against windows. Also, you can install a dehumidifier. Lastly, keeping indoor plants outdoors whenever possible will help decrease moisture.

decrease window condensation with NuSash triple pane windows

Will new windows stop window condensation?

Triple Pane windows increase insulating value and can help decrease condensation. When you have a condensation between your glass window it is a big indicator that the insulating glass seal needs to be replaced. NuSash offers triple pane windows that prevent this issue. Don’t let your condensation problem get out of hand. Get NuSash windows today.  

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