NuSash ensures that every dimensional projection window is handcrafted to your specifications utilizing only the very finest raw materials. The jambs, head and seat boards of the window are constructed using high-end, furniture-grade oak or birch plywood.

The mullion posts between the windows are not only structural, but they are also completely filled with energy-efficient, die-cut polystyrene foam. The head and seat boards are tied together as one, using steel through-rods, making the unit incredibly strong and weathertight. An optional insulated seat board is also available to further increase thermal performance.

NuSash guarantees that each and every window meets its stringent quality control measures to ensure a perfect window for you and your home.

Panorama Series Bay & Bow Windows Options

  • Roof kits – factory-made to your window specifications
  • Pre-Finished Roof Kits – available in Painted Aluminum or Real Copper in both hip and concave style
  • Interior Laminate – White, Tan, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Cavalier Oak and Cherry
  • Factory-finished Interior – White, Tan, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Cavalier Oak and Cherry
  • Avonite Seat – Acrylic solid surface available in 6 colors: White, Beach, Sandstone, Dusk, Mesa Brown and Black Lava
  • Beveled and decorative glass options
  • Optional high-density, 3″ insulated foam seat board improves thermal performance

Bay or Bow windows add a touch of elegance to any home.

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