Options for Window Features

Triple-Glazed Shift Technology

NuSash’s Triple-Glazed Shift Technology utilizes an unequal, or offset spacing between the triple panes for optimum gas filling. It incorporates different blends of gas to provide the highest energy efficiency with the lowest cost available. When combined with OptiGas, it provides enhanced sound control for a quieter living space.

Panorainbow® Color System

Customizing the exterior of your home with our windows could not be easier!

We offer 12 exterior colors including custom color matching and 6 interior finishes that include four popular woodgrains, giving you virtually an unlimited mix of color combination options.

Panorainbow colors is an advanced polymer coating system at the forefront of industry technology providing an environmentally-friendly durable and heat-reflective surface.

EEE-Z-Kleen® Hydrophobic Glass Coating

EEE-Z-Kleen is an innovative and protective glass treatment that is factory-applied to all glass surfaces to help repel dust and water making your windows easier to clean with improved glass clarity and strength.

LockIQ® Automatic Locking System

With LockIQ, you never again have to wonder if your windows are locked. Once you close the window, LockIQ automatically snaps and locks, all in one step. Bringing you peace of mind with a sleek, low-profile design, LockIQ raises the intelligence of the windows in your home.